lead you to ground | linda + ben

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March 17th, 2014

From custom-made Michael Jackson socks to a dazzling fireworks display over Chicago’s skyline, there was certainly no shortage of visuals to capture on Linda and Ben’s wedding day. And while there was a certain grand quality about things [the entire day taking place at the Trump International Hotel & Tower], there was also a very intimate quality as well.

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Achieving a “big small” vibe is no easy feat. It would have been a simple task to rely on the aesthetics of the day to carry the story, but to us, the people are the pulse of the film. We find our story as Linda gives a meaningful bouquet to her bridesmaid or when Ben shares with his best man about his proposal along the streets of Paris. We find it in the hand-stitched sequins MJ socks gifted to Ben or during the exchange of their personal vows. And while the fireworks and the sky scraping towers may be impressive, they cannot hold a candle to the people.

the heart to follow | julie + marcus

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March 10th, 2014

Often times, because of distance and travel schedules, flesh-and-blood face time is replaced by its Apple approved counterpart and we must conduct our getting-to-know-you sessions over digital means. While we never had the chance to meet Julie and Marcus in person before their wedding day, we didn’t let that prevent us from getting to know them beforehand. As we settled into our chairs and huddled over the phone, it wasn’t long before we got a sense of the warmth and hospitality of our soon-to-be hosts. It certainly helped that Julie and Marcus appreciated a good conversation and considered themselves equally “words-y” people.

julie and marcus

Our suspicions about Julie and Marcus were confirmed when, on their wedding day, upon exchanges of hugs and handshakes, the first thing they asked us was if we needed anything. I understand it’s common courtesy to ask, but it was the way they asked, how they asked that was really, quite striking. As the day unfolded and we filmed along, it was remarkable to see how much they cared about everyone. It’s no wonder these two are so well loved. And that’s precisely what we hope to communicate through their wedding film—their giving, self-sacrificial, genuine hearts.


familiar differences | susan + dennis

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February 28th, 2014

A wedding day is an interesting thing. Unless you’re used to having attention lavished upon you, or countless eyes watching you throughout the day, it can all be a bit surreal. Granted some of us don’t shy away from sharing the details of our relationships with friends [and in some cases, absolute strangers], there are some of us who like to keep our cards close to the chest. Susan and Dennis tend to fall in the latter. When we met with them early on, they told us that theirs was a personal kind of love—not very outward, even with those closest to them. At the same time, they were ready to embrace the day, and present that very personal side of themselves in front of everyone.

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We’ve been told that we do a great job being “everywhere but nowhere.” That somehow, we manage to tell a wonderful, heartfelt story without being intrusive. And that’s precisely what we do—we melt into the background and capture things as they unfold, allowing our couples to simply be themselves. And so, whether it’s Susan creating a handmade card from scratch, the gift of a commissioned painting of the island where Dennis proposed, or a simple, knowing look exchanged by the two as their letters were being read by their officiant, everything remains as a genuine expression of their personal love.


click | jay + sarah

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February 24th, 2014

As Jay begins reciting his vows to his bride-to-be, he pauses for a brief moment, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out an invisible object. As he gestures to Sarah, she beams back and strikes a quick “Olive Oil” pose. Jay presses down his finger. CLICK. With the push of an imaginary button, they have added another snapshot to their collection of memories and milestones from their life.

jay and sarah

Despite the influx of family and friends from all over the world, the whirlwind excitement of the day, and the celebration that came along with combining their two cultures together, what we appreciated about Jay and Sarah is that they managed to find moments to slow down, pause, and simply enjoy.

Even when we found ourselves out in the frigid air along a riverside dock, they didn’t leave without taking the time to reflect on their journey. Jay and Sarah started out as friends, hanging out alongside that very dock. Beginning their day at “the scene of the crime,”  so to speak, would serve as a backdrop to the celebration awaiting them.

Of course there was dancing [both indoor and outdoor], a variety of vibrant and rich traditions, bow tie shenanigans, and even some broken Dandiya sticks—surely, all perfect candidates for snapshot worthy moments. But throughout the day and into the night, it was a joy to see Jay and Sarah whip out their “camera” and click away, celebrating moments all their own, and adding to their growing collection of memories.

fill the pages | tricia + elliot

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January 19th, 2014

We often talk about our creative process and how a major component involves taking the time to get to know our couples. To us, the only way to personalize a wedding film and take it beyond a simple recap of the day, is to dig a little deeper, and learn about the people whose story we are telling. It’s a simple thing when you think about it, but it makes all the difference.

TxE with VSCOb_resize

With Tricia and Elliot’s wedding film, we captured an incredible amount of stories throughout the day—some were funny, some were emotional—but all of those stories were preceded by years of backstory. We might have missed out on the weight of those moments entirely, had we not taken the time to listen to Tricia and Elliot share about their experiences through their six-and-a-half year journey together.

For instance, the morning ride on the river that Elliot takes with his best man could easily look like a groom trying to blow off steam before his wedding. What we can’t see are the years and years of weekends spent taking the boat out, playing Frank Sinatra, and grabbing breakfast. Now all of sudden, that montage has much more depth to it.

And so, what we have in their film are little hidden nuggets of meaning embedded in the images. While not incredibly obvious, these “Easter Eggs,” if you will, convey meaning to the couple, and ultimately tell a stronger, deeper story. No worries, we’ll let you in on a few.

Tricia laughing during Elliot’s thank you speech—which was the result of a lost bet between the two of them—has special meaning because in Tricia’s words, anyone that knows her also knows that she’s generally the more outspoken one between them and she’s never without the last word. And when a groom tells us before his wedding day that “seeing her walk down the aisle will be the greatest moment of my life,” we know it will be incredibly special for him.

Moments of interaction between family members are nods to what we learned about their relationships in our pre-wedding conversation. A bouquet isn’t just a bouquet and “Love in the Time of Cholera” isn’t just good leisure reading—there is more to it than what you see.

We won’t set out to explain everything in this film, because honestly, there is just so much to tell. Besides, the it’s all the more enjoyable just knowing that there is a deeper layer of meaning just underneath the surface.